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You can use the form below to place an order with us online using a credit or debit card. Please add shipping charges to your order in line with the charges published at the bottom of the page. These charges apply to UK only. If you live overseas please email for a shipping quote and to check if we can deliver to your country before placing an order.


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Shipping Charges

All items are shipped using Royal Mail standard class postage. These charges apply to deliveries in the UK only. Please email for international charges before you order.


1 Book = £3
For each additional book up to a total of 10 books add £2 per book
Example 5 books would be £3 + (£2 x 4) = £11 in total

Practice Booklets
1 Booklet = £1
For each additional booklet up to a total of 10 books add £0.50 per booklet
Example 10 booklets would be £1 + (£0.5 x 9) = £5.50 in total

1 Calendar £3
For each additional calendar up to a total of 10 calendars add £2 per calendar. Example 5 calendars would be £3 + (£2 x 4) = £11 in total

CD and DVD
1 CD or DVD £2
For each additional CD or DVD up to a total of 10 add £1.00 per item
Example 5 items would be £2 + (£1 x 4) = £6 in total

If you want to purchase more than 10 items in any of the above categories then please email

bookservice@plumvillage.uk for a shipping quote

Small Bell – Shipping = £5 per item
Large Bell – Shipping = £11 per item