Mindfulness Practice Guidance – One-to-One

Would you like some support with your meditation practice? Whether you are new to the practice or already established and in need of some guidance, we are here for you.

For beginners and experienced meditation practitioners alike, this is an opportunity to benefit from a one-to-one consultation session with an experienced practitioner in the Plum Village tradition. You will receive deep and compassionate listening and mindful support in building and strengthening your meditation practice.

The purpose of these sessions is to support you with developing your mindfulness meditation practice and may assist you with self-enquiry into your personal aspirations and spiritual path.

Some of the ways in which these sessions might benefit you include:

  • Sharing about your current practice and considering ways to develop it
  • Having a space to share about personal suffering and considering skilful ways to respond
  • Considering how to deepen your practice

These are confidential, non-judgemental consultations and not a replacement for psychological therapy. We are committed to community safeguarding and may need to breach confidentiality if we believe there is a critical incident or risk of harm. All our consultants are supported with appropriately confidential supervision.

This is a by-donation service, based on trust. We would not prevent anyone from receiving the support that they might need through lack of funds. Consultants are listed in no particular order. To book a session with a consultant, please find their bio and booking link by clicking on ‘more‘ below their introduction.

Teri West

True Door of Virtue

Teri was ordained by Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh in 2000 into the Order of Interbeing and as a lay Dharma teacher in 2016.

I have lived a long and eventful life, disengaging from school as a teenager, and taking on various means of bringing home the veggie-burgers as a single parent in Notting Hill, London, until the mid-‘80s.  I escaped with the then teenage children and found rewarding work as a part-time teacher and fundraiser for an experimental secondary school founded by Satish Kumar, in North Devon.

The head teacher of the school had worked with Thay in the ‘70s to found Refugee Action.  I joined him on a camping trip in France in 1988, and we were invited to visit Plum Village.

I have been active in Thay’s spiritual community ever since, receiving the 14 trainings in 2000 and the lamp transmission in 2016.

At the same time as developing stability in the practice I trained at Europe’s first School for Storytelling, with Nose to Nose clowning, and revived my musical skills.  I worked professionally as a storyteller and member of an improvising clown group for over 15 years, then ventured onto the cabaret stage a few years back, enjoying the freedom cabaret offers to address edgy subjects while offering Dharma messages as entertainment, and taught courses in Clown and Mindfulness with Nose to Nose teachers at the EIAB and elsewhere.

Family deaths, then Covid, put stage life on hold.   However, I enjoy opportunities to engage with practitioners online in many ways and look forward to meeting new Dharma friends.

Visit Teri’s SoundCloud via https://soundcloud.com/tj-fool

Teri is also on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/inbedwiththebuddha

Teri’s videos – Zen and the Art of Cabaret – https://vimeo.com/142889818 and https://vimeo.com/104751089

To select a date/time for a 30-minute online consultation with Teri, please book here

Kesley Cage

Spiritual Friend of the Heart

Kesley practises mindfulness inspired by 'dwelling happily in the present moment', friendship and nature connection.

I inherited some family connections to Buddhism via my Dad who shared his interest when I was a kid, living in Chasetown, Staffordshire. In my early twenties, I remember going through a tough time and reading loads of books. I was drawn in by the title “No Mud, No Lotus” by Vietnamese Zen Master, Thich Nhat Hanh (Thay) and started to read him more; I learnt more about Thay’s Plum Village teachings bit by bit.

Later on, I joined a local practice group i.e. ‘sangha’ in Glastonbury, and I went on a long-term retreat to stay with the Plum Village community in France, to immerse myself as much as I could in Zen wisdom. I practised mindfulness to become a more moral, peaceful, happier person and to cope with difficult and painful thoughts and feelings about life and the world. And I wanted to be around peaceful people. I brought many of the Plum Village practices home with me to Somerset.

I’ve struggled in life now and again, like everyone does in one way or another, sometimes more, sometimes less. Thay’s teachings give me something to lean on or rest within as I learn to love and accept myself and others, be at peace and change the world. Mindfulness informs how I work as a counsellor too. Sometimes I write about it on my blog. Besides all that, I also share bits and pieces of what I’ve learnt about mindful living, as one of the Be Calm, Be Happy course leaders.

I was chuffed to be invited to provide one-to-one mindfulness practice guidance consultations, to assist some of the Dharma teachers with the many requests for one-to-one support from the sangha. I think of being a consultant as being a bit like a mentor, someone to offer some friendly listening, and chat about mindfulness or possibly explore some deep questions, and ways for you to to practice. I’m sure I’ll learn from you too! I live in Wells, but wherever you are we could meet up online and drink tea together. You’re very welcome. It’s worth saying I’m LGBTQ+ friendly as well, and love all people.

To select a date/time for a 30-minute online consultation with Kesley, please book here.


Gary Greenberg

True Essential Action

Gary Greenberg has combined family life, a career in business, and regular Dharma practice over the last 38 years. He and his wife have lived all over the world, raising two children and several dogs. His business career as a professional investor afforded himthe chance to promote ethical investing and mindfulness to the business community.

Gary began regular spiritual practice in 1972, and received the Five Mindfulness Trainings in 2005. He was ordained as a lay member of the Order of Interbeing by Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh in 2010.   He has been leading mindfulness groups for the last ten years and mentoring practitioners aspiring to receive Ordination for the past six.

Gary is originally from the US but has spent the last 22 years in the UK. He currently divides his time between the two countries

To select a date/time for a 30-minute online consultation with Gary, please book here.

Allison Fraser

True Essential Virtue

Allison discovered Thay in the 1980s and became an Order Member in 2010. The practice is central to her life and gives her huge support.

My name is Allison Fraser. I have worked in what was known as the voluntary sector and spent many years working in local government. To support myself and that work I trained as a counsellor and worked as a volunteer with CRUISE and a local doctors practice. In more recent years I have been a mentor for a number of individuals.

I am married with 2 children and 6 grandchildren. I live in the countryside just outside of Stratford upon Avon.

I discovered Thay in the 1980s and became an Order Member in 2010. The practice is central to my life and gives me huge support.

To select a date/time for a 30-minute online consultation with Allison, please book here.

Br. Thich Chan Phap Vu

True Dharma Rain

Br. Phap Vu was ordained in 2003 by Venerable Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh in Plum Village, France, and in 2011, he was ordained as a Dharma Teacher.

Presently, he is committed to the monastic path, delving into Buddhist psychology as well as Buddhist history. He also enjoys connecting with people and communities, helping them along their path however he is able.

To select a date/time for a 30-minute online consultation with Brother Phap Vu, please book here.

Jane Coatesworth

True Flower of Awakening

Jane was ordained by Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh in 1995 into the Order of Interbeing and as a lay Dharma teacher in 2004.

Jane’s Initiation Gatha:

I sing to the tree
The silence between phrases is vast and arresting.
The tree, graceful and steady,
does her best with what she has.
Grateful, my heart is refreshed.

Thay’s Gatha:

The flowers of enlightenment are blooming everywhere,
The breeze floats the perfume of Zen far and wide.
So many members of the Sangha are gathered together.
The Buddha mind whether in the North or South,
past or present, is the same.

To select a date/time for a 30-minute online consultation with Jane, please book, here

Sita Brand

True Lotus Wisdom

Sita received the 5 Mindfulness trainings in 1999, and the 14 Mindfulness Trainings from Thay in 2006.

Sita began her spiritual journey with the Church of North India and Quakers. In her teens she began to practice meditation and learn more about Buddhism. In the late 90s, she travelled through Malaysia and was ordained briefly as a Buddhist nun in Northern Thailand. She met Thay in 1999 and received the 5 Mindfulness trainings. She received 14 Mindfulness Trainings from Thay in 2006, with the name True Lotus Wisdom. She is a trained in Postive Impact Coaching. She regularly leads creative and mindfulness retreats. She started teaching meditation and Buddhism in prisons in 2005 as a Buddhist Prison Chaplain. She is also a storyteller.

To select a date/time for a 30-minute online consultation with Sita, please book, here.

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