White Awareness Sangha

This is an opportunity for sangha members who have been socialised as/identify as ‘white’ – and would be interested in practicing together and reflecting on what this means, in an open, compassionate space of deep listening and loving speech. 

Ultimately, there is no basis for categorising humans by race. However, we have all been deeply hurt by the way our past and present society has categorised, divided, and limited us based on ‘race’. Practicing together to look deeply at what this means to us can help us embrace and transform the ancestral suffering within us and around us – as well as helping us grow inclusive sanghas where all people can find a home.

Dharma teacher Ruth King writes about the benefit of racial affinity groups here. They are also suggested within the Plum Village ARISE sangha’s call to love in action special June Newsletter

We offer 4 week courses regularly. These include:

– content and study to reflect on our white identities, history and bias.  

– practices to help reflect on our racial identity and the world around us

– A compassionate space to be in sharing together

We are looking to grow and offer more going forward.


You can find all upcoming White Awareness Sangha events through this link: https://plumvillage.uk/events/tag/white-awareness/


If you are interested in attending the next group or about finding out more please email whiteawaresanghauk@gmail.com

In addition to being part of the White Awareness Sangha  we encourage everyone to join a sangha near to where you live and the UK-wide sangha events.  You can find the list of local groups here and Plum Village UK events here.