Mindfulness for Neurodiversity

Mindfulness can be a challenging skill to learn for anyone, but we know it brings multitude benefits. So how can people with alternative brains still access this practice? Sylvia has lived with ADHD and PTSD for much of her life. David has neither but has lived with Sylvia for a few decades. They both have deeply committed and long term mindfulness and meditation practices and have used these skills to help and support each other to navigate these challenges.

This is a specially adapted course based on Plum Village UK’s traditional ‘Be Calm Be Happy’ Mindfulness course, reconfigured to focus especially on the applications of mindfulness in support of neurodiversity issues such as ADHD and PTSD. Whilst mindfulness may help many people to live calmer, happier lives, this course shares some of the sensitive guidance needed to practice with mental health conditions.

In the 6 sessions David and Sylvia will teach you how to meditate and ease painful thoughts and emotions; you will also be encouraged to use mindfulness practices to increase resilience and well-being in your daily life.

If you feel this type of course would support you, then please to join us. Together we will explore guided practices, group discussions and practical exercises. There will be a small group size, for a light-hearted yet deep exploration of mindfulness together, in a friendly, welcoming atmosphere.

Course content

The six sessions of the course explore the following themes:

• Stopping and calming

• Turning to the positive

• Loving communication

• Nourishing happiness

• Interdependence and community

• Guidelines for a happier life

Reported benefits

• Increased enjoyment of life

• Increased ability to be calm and relaxed

• Increased control of emotions such as anger and anxiety

• Improved sleep quality

• Fewer feelings of anxiety and low mood

Who can attend? 

Beginners are welcome as well as those wishing to gain a fuller understanding of how mindfulness can support calm and happy living. Mindfulness is a practice originating in Buddhist psychology and supported by neuroscience; it may be practised by those of all faiths and none.

This course is suitable for partners, parents and all who work with neurodivergency, PTSD or who live with it themselves, or for people who just want to learn and understand how these differences affect peoples lives.

Many of our participants learn new ways to care for their wellbeing and are able to develop positive responses to challenging situations. This online mindfulness course is attended via the internet, wherever you are. We suggest you find a quiet space where you will be undisturbed.

Course leaders

The course leaders are Sylvia Clare and David Hughes.

Sylvia Clare and David Hughes recently published their new book entitled ‘Living and Loving with ADHD and Neurodiversity‘ and the course will draw on much of the wisdom from this book (you don’t need to purchase it for this course, but it helps!)

They have both been practising mindfulness for several decades, David for over fifty years and Sylvia for about thirty years. It is the basis for their relationship and lives on every level. Neither of them can imagine life without mindfulness at its core. Sylvia also had PTSD and ADHD and both of them have found mindfulness has enabled them to embrace these challenges in a loving and fun way. What they have learned is through direct personal experiences.

The course can be booked via our ticketing page