Living Mindfully

Walking the path of mindful action, guided by the Five Mindfulness Trainings of Thich Nhat Hanh.

This 6-week course is another step on the path following on from our previous courses Be Calm Be Happy and Looking Deeply.

Course overview

In this course we explore together how to bring the 5 Mindfulness Trainings (5MTs) more fully into our lives, using them as practical guidance and spiritual friends on our intended path of living mindfully.

The 5MTs are an ethical way of checking in to how closely we are following what we value in life, our intentions, and making conscious decisions instead of acting habitually, without awareness.

We offer a concentrated examination of the 5MTs in a supportive group atmosphere of people practising together.

Each week is an opportunity to explore one MT & see what challenges it presents. What parts are difficult/easy to follow now?

You may enjoy this short video from Sr True Dedication explaining the importance of the 5MTs within the Plum Village tradition. NB, the trainings are not only for young people!

Course Themes

  • An Introduction to Living Mindfully
  • Reverence for Life
  • True Happiness
  • True Love
  • Deep Listening and Loving Speech
  • Nourishment & Healing 

What to expect?

In each session of this online course, we will:

  • meditate together,
  • reflect on one training in each session, through the Course Leaders’ sharing and a relevant video, personal reflection time and dharma sharing with the same group throughout the course,
  • follow specific home practice related to each training.

You will be provided with a handout summarising each session and recordings of the guided meditations used on this course.

We recommend the book The Mindfulness Survival Kit as a companion to the course.

Who can attend?

Our expectation for this course is either that you have already attended the Be Calm Be Happy and Looking Deeply courses or that you have considerable experience of practising in the Plum Village tradition with a Sangha, and have participated in other Plum Village UK retreats, courses, or events. It is suitable for those of all faiths and none. Our course participants come from a wide range of backgrounds.

Please note, this course is not suitable for beginners, and we recommend Be Calm Be Happy if you are looking for an introduction to the Plum Village practises, or a means of re-establishing a regular practice.

Course Leaders

This course is led by two experienced practitioners in the Plum Village Tradition, Dharma teacher Vari McLuskie and Be Calm Be Happy Course Co-ordinator Lauri Bower.

Please see our course leader webpage for details of their practice and experience within the Plum Village tradition.

How To Book

For further details, upcoming course dates and to register, please visit the Living Mindfully booking page.