Monastic Tour 2023

“Nourishing Roots, Blossoming Branches” Tour

8th May – 11th June 2023

Tour Map with dates and locations

We are delighted to welcome eight Plum Village sisters and brothers coming to the British Isles and Ireland: Sr Presence, Sr One Way, Sr Samadhi, Sr Gratitude, Br Inclusiveness, Br Resolve, Br Mountain and Br Presentation. Monastics will offer retreats, talks, Days of Mindfulness, mindful walks and sangha building events.


All events are confirmed now and registration is open.

Details of the events organised in the UK.

For events in Ireland please go to


The funds raised during the Tour will support Plum Village construction fund (the ‘Roots’) and establishing the UK Being Peace Practice Centre (a ‘Blossoming Branch’). We heartily encourage you to consider what you can afford (without depriving yourself and your family or dependents) as a donation at the end of these events.