Monastic Tour 2023

“Nourishing Roots, Blossoming Branches” Tour

Tour Map with dates and locations

We are so grateful for the eight Plum Village sisters and brothers who came to the British Isles and Ireland this May and June: Sr Presence, Sr One Way, Sr Samadhi, Sr Meditation, Br Inclusiveness, Br Resolve, Br Mountain and Br Presentation and spent 5 weeks sharing teachings, joy and togetherness with our UK and Irish Sanghas.

It has been a wonderful time to refresh our practice and energy in our community. Thank you for all you have brought, dear monastic siblings and to all local organisers for making the events of the tour happen.

We have been following the Tour closely and posting the updates on our blog here: and on our social media channels.


The funds raised during the Tour will support Plum Village construction fund (the ‘Roots’) and establishing the UK Being Peace Practice Centre (a ‘Blossoming Branch’).

We are so very grateful for all contributions received during the Tour.