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Walk with Me: Silent Walking Meditation for Peace

A Multi- Faith Peace Walk in London. We move together in silence for nonviolence, reconciliation & peace. All welcome.

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23 Jun 2024 - 23 Jun 2024

Parliament Square, London

Walk with Me – Peace Walk

We invite you to a Second Multi-Faith peace walk, entitled ‘Walk with Me‘, facilitated by Plum Village UK and Quakers in Britain

Date: Sunday, 23rd June 2024

Time: 3pm – 5pm

Location: Gathering in Parliament Square

In the face of escalating violence and loss of life in over 100 wars and armed conflicts worldwide (e.g Sudan, Ukraine, Myanmar among many others) we hold this event to reflect our shared commitment to nonviolence, reconciliation and a just peace, representing the spiritual and ethical values of all spiritual communities.

As exemplified in Palestine and Israel we witness the increasing destruction of life, starvation, displacement, lack of and attacks on humanitarian aid, hostage taking, unjust detentions, trauma and harm inflicted on children in all these wars and conflicts. We see and experience the escalation in retaliatory violence, polarisation and demonisation taking place right here in our countries as Islamophobia and Antisemitism grows.

Please join us, people of faiths and none, as we move together in silence to remember civilians killed in war, as we call for the cessation of killing, for nonviolence, reconciliation and a just peace. The peaceful coexistence of those on opposing sides is intertwined with one another. Our peace is interconnected. We have a shared commitment to live in peace and harmony in the world.

All welcome.

We invite you to make and wear/bring a white flower (see video how to make one: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=UjVByvUAR-c). You are welcome to wear clothes that you would wear to a funeral or to mourning to reflect the remembrance element of the walk. You may choose to bring your own prayer to contemplate on during the vigil elements that will be held. You may also wish to write your prayer and use that sheet to create a paper flower to wear with you.

To reflect the vigil and contemplative nature of this event, we ask you not to bring any banners, flags, or placards.

You are enough.

This short 3-minute film produced by the Quakers for Britain and the information on the Plum Village UK website offers a glimpse into the walk on January 21st. The website includes a link to all the prayers and words offered on the day.

If you would like to offer your support in Stewarding or First Aid on the day please indicate here  https://tinyurl.com/walkjune


We will assemble in Parliament Square, to commence at 3pm with short opening prayers offered by faith representatives and we will walk slowly from Parliament Square to Trafalgar Square and back. We will stop at key moments to hold vigil and offer prayers.

If you are unfamiliar with the slow, walking /moving meditation, please watch the video below:

Event photo credit: Philip Wood from Quakers Britain