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Peace Is Every Step: Silent Walking Meditation for Peace

A Multi- Faith Peace Walk in London. We move together in silence for non-violence, reconciliation & peace. All welcome.  Please join us to walk or roll with us.

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21 Jan 2024 - 21 Jan 2024

Trafalgar Square, London

Peace is Every Step – Peace Walk

Please join us, people of faiths and none as we move together in silence in our shared commitment to live in peace and harmony in the world. All welcome.  Please join us to walk or roll with us.
You are invited to make and wear/bring a white flower, and wearing faith/cultural clothing is welcomed. To reflect the vigil and contemplative elements, we ask you not to bring any banners, flags, placards. You are enough.
Date : Sun 21 January 2024
Time : 12pm – 3pm
Location: Starting and ending in Trafalgar Square, London. (please click here for directions to Trafalgar Square)


More about the event:

In a collaborative effort, diverse faith groups have come together to organise and lead a second silent contemplative Peace Walk in London. Organised in response to escalating violence and warfare worldwide, particularly as occurring in Palestine and Israel, the event underscores the pressing need to advocate for peace amid the rising challenges of hatred, anger, destruction, displacement, suffering and increasing loss of life.

Facilitated by Plum Village UK and the Quakers in Britain, this initiative embodies a shared commitment to non-violence, reconciliation,and peace, reflecting the spiritual and ethical values of all spiritual Communities. Walking together is a powerful reminder that sustainable peace requires engaged action rooted in understanding, compassion, love and justice.

The silent vigil walk transcends religious and cultural boundaries, uniting us all in common aspiration for a world built on peace. Peace transcends words and walking together fosters the nature of our interconnectedness.

Please make and bring a white flower as a symbol of your commitment to peace. The act of making a white flower is tangible expression of personal commitment, with every one of us contributing to the collective tapestry of cultivating a more peaceful world.



We will assemble in Trafalgar Square, to commence at 12pm with short opening prayers offered by faith leaders. We will then walk slowly from Trafalgar Square to Parliament Square and back.


Please bring/not bring:

  • Make & bring/wear a white flower for peace
  • Cultural/religious/faith clothing welcome
  • No banners, signs, placards or flags or loudspeakers