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A Celebration of Love

Join us for songs, stories and poems celebrating the theme of Love. With singer Melissa James, Sister Tam Muoi from Plum Village, and UK Dharma Teacher Teri West

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26 May 2024



Sunday 26 May 2024, 7 – 9 pm

A Bank Holiday treat! a ‘Love-In’ but not as we knew it . . .

Some of you will remember the ‘Love-in’ of the 1960s – music & madness, nudity and more!

Our event is a ‘Love-In’ with a difference – an evening of togethernes and community – a celebration of true love, creativity and hope.

Our dear Sister Tam Muoi from Plum Village France will open the evening with a short talk on living in a residential community and growing the capacity to love. Our hosts will be singer Melissa James and UK lay Dharma teacher Teri West.

We invite you to join us online in offering your talents; as poets, storytellers, singers, writers or any other means that you can think of to celebrate the theme of ‘Love’ in all areas of life.

You might even, as Deer Park Monastery in the US has recently invited their supporters to do, like to write a ‘love-letter’ to the Being Peace Practice Centre to be read, or posted, during the evening. You are of course also warmly encouraged to come simply to enjoy what others have to offer.

Please register here whether you would like to offer something or to just come and enjoy being with the sangha.

Photo credit: plumvillage.org