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Mindfulness & Music: Deep Listening

You are invited to touch your creative source/heart – relaxing, grounding, touching openness and receptivity, becoming curious what emerges.

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21 Nov 2022 - 21 Nov 2022

Mindfulness & Music: Deep Listening

Mon 21st November, 7-9 pm UK time

Guided meditations in stillness and movement offer space to slow down, rest, revive and become fully present. Deep Listening practices by Pauline Oliveros and others help us ground ourselves in our listening body and in our connection with the Earth. We sound and create together, using our voices and instruments you bring in ways that feel natural and spontaneous.

You are invited to engage as much or as little as your energy allows – resting and listening are always options, too.

Everyone is welcome to join, whether you have a musical background or not.

This event is facilitated by Susanne Olbrich and Joe Holtaway.

SUSANNE OLBRICH is a pianist, music educator and mindfulness teacher. She discovered mindfulness practice in 1996 with Thich Nhat Hanh at Plum Village and became a Dharma teacher in 2016. Susanne loves sounds and silence and offers workshops, courses, retreats and 1-to-1 work.

JOE HOLTAWAY is a singer-songwriter and workshop leader. His songs and playing are inspired by a folk music upbringing and involvement in peace and social justice movements. For many years he has been involved with education as a group singing facilitator.

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