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Being Peace Practice Centre Briefing Sessions

Sangha Briefing Sessions offer the opportunity for people in our community to have a direct conversation with the team working to manifest the new Plum Village practice centre here in the UK. Also on Tues 21st May at 5pm and Thurs 23rd May at 7pm. See details in this event.

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8 May 2024


We are so looking forward to having a direct conversation with Sangha facilitators, Sangha members and friends, to share more in-depth about the latest developments about the Being Peace Practice Centre project and to listen to your thoughts, ideas and contributions.

Our upcoming 45-mins Zoom meetings this month (choose a date that suits you best):

Weds 8th May at 7pm

Sat 18th May at 2pm

Tues 21st May at 5pm

Thurs 23rd May at 7pm

Please complete this brief form, indicating which meeting you are planning to attend. All meetings will be held at the same zoom link.


A Brief Update on the Campaign