9 Jul 2018

By Philip Croton

21 Day Retreat – “A Real Soulmate of the Buddha”

Plum Village has held its biannual 21-day retreat, this year entitled “A Real Soulmate of the Buddha.”

Thich Nhat Hanh created the 21-day retreat as a time for established practitioners from around the world to come together and spend time exploring a particular topic together.

The retreat was based on teachings given by Thich Nhat Hanh in the 2012-13 winter retreat which looked at the fundamental teachings of the Buddha and how various wrong and unskillful teaching made their way into core Buddhist teachings.

Various talks from the retreat are available on the Plum Village Youtube Channel including:

An opening talk from Sister Annabel, who was born in the UK

A panel sharing of lay Dharma teachings that included Murray Corke sharing his experiences of sangha-building

“If the practice is strong, the sangha will survive and grow.”

A Q+A session where Brother Michael gives a powerfully open answer to a question about sexuality and the practice of mindfulness.

As well as plenty of talks, sitting meditation, walking meditation and dharma sharing there was also time for fun and celebration.
People at the 21-day retreatPeople dancing at retreatTwo monastics with bell

This video gives a lovely flavour of the retreat