15 Jul 2022

By Kasia Stepien

Wake Up London Podcast

We are happy to announce that Wake Up London has a podcast, hosted by Joe Holtaway.

In the Wake Up London podcast Joe talks with members of the Wake Up community about their lives and how Thich Nhat Hanh’s teachings impact their daily life. We share music from artists within the community, and we read from Thay’s books. Thanks to all our Wake Up friends and Joe for making this podcast possible. We will be updting this post with new episodes as they are published.

You can also listen to this podcast on all major streaming platforms. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding the podcast, we would love to hear from you at podcast@wakeuplondon.org

Episode 6 – Colours of Compassion

This episode takes a journey with some voices from the BIPOC (Black Indigenous People of Colour) Community in the UK Plum Village Sangha.

We have a long conversation with artist Melissa James talking about her life as a singer/songwriter and a singing facilitator with a passion for racial awareness and justice.

We have a 3-way sharing between Anh, Renuka and Kareem about their experience of Colours of Compassion and also one from Rehena who also talks about founding Buddhist inter-traditional BIPOC centred space, Buddhists Across Traditions.

Music this episode comes from Melissa James and Ha Down who also brings us our reading this time on Thich Nhat’s Hanh’s mantras on love.





Episode 5 – Rainbow

This episode looks at our Rainbow Sangha. The a long conversation is with Kesley, a therapist working with LGBTQAI+ refugees who also supports events management at Plum Village UK.

We have sharings from Upper Hamlet Happy Farm co-ordinator Mick and Rachel (of Episode 4 fame!) about their experiences with Rainbow Sangha. A community announcement this episode comes from Pia (she/her) and Lena(she/her) of Wake Up in Germany about a rainbow community project in Europe. There is music this episode from Rosanna Lea and Monica Max West (she/her) and Max reads from one of Thay’s Q and A sessions where he is asked for the buddhist view on homosexuality.

Presented by Joe Holtaway (he/him)

Links mentioned in the episode.




Contact Pia and Leah here : pia.schaefer@freenet.de


Episode 4 – Burnout

This episode looks at Burnout. The a long conversation is with Rachel, who is currently living not far from Plum Village in France helping to run retreats at The Cedres Bleus Retreat Centre. Rachel shares about life as a rock star (!), a refugee advocate and a the experience of burnout that led to Plum Village.

We have sharings from Annabel and Charlotte about their burnout experiences. There is music from Wondrous Sound and Joe Holtaway (!) and Gabi reads from ‘I Vow Not To Burn Out’ an article by Mushim Patricia Ikeda published by Parallax Press

Links mentioned in the episode.



The music in the programme can be found here linktr.ee/wondrousound and joeholtaway.com

Episode 3 – Retreats

This episode looks at retreats. There is a long conversation with Robbie, who currently is on a year’s stay in PV following the Rains Retreat. We also hear from Brother Dao Bi about this year’s Wake Up Humanity retreat.

We have sharings from Max, Twan and Rachel about their retreat experiences. There is music from Nimo and Betsy Rose and Vanessa reads from Thich Nhat Hanh’s book ‘Fear’.

<3 Anna and Sophia in Ukraine, we know you are listening and send you our love <3

Links mentioned in the episode.



The music in the programme can be found here http://peacesoundslabel.org

Episode 2 – Childhood memories and the Situation in Ukraine Part 2

Following last episode’s conversation with Ieva about growing up in Lithuania; this episode welcomes Sonia, sharing about experiences of growing up in Russia.

We have community announcements from Rebecca and Melissa. Manu, Karen and Joe tell us what memories nourish their inner child. There is music from Monica Max West, Message To Bears and Charlie reads 2 of Thay’s poems on conflict and peace during the war in Vietnam.

Melissa James is raising funds to support people from Africa experiencing racism in Ukraine. For more information and tickets for ‘Afrikans in Ukraine’ on April 24th, please visit this link: http://melissa-james.com/index.php/stronger-on-sundays-sunday-24-april-1800-2000-bst/

Episode 1 – Strong Emotions and the Situation in Ukraine Part 1

With the breaking news of the violence in Ukraine, Joe talks to Wake Upper Ieva about growing up in Lithuania; another of the former soviet countries, neighbour but one to Ukraine and bordering Russia. Kirsten and Duncan reflect on the peace sit from Trafalgar Square as it fills up with a Stop The War demonstration. Orla reads from Thay’s book ‘Creating True Peace’. There is music from Hilary Bichovsky and Tom Manwell and in this episode, Wake Uppers talk about how they have been practicing with strong emotions.

Pilot Episode – The Wake Up London Podcast

In this pilot episode, Joe talks with Catalin Zorzini about his work on the Plum Village app. Hà D??ng shares a reading from Vietnam out of Thay’s book ‘Peace is Every Step’. There is music from Elina Pen and Melissa James and a few of our Wake Up members share what their conditions of happiness are.

Thanks to Joe Holtaway and all of or Wake Up friends to make this podcast possible.

Visit us at www.wakeuplondon.org or get in touch at info@wakeuplondon.org.