23 May 2023

By Kasia Stepien

Monastic Tour 2023 – Week Two: Cambridge

After visiting Brighton, the Monastics went to Cambridge to offer an evening talk on 16th May and a Day of Mindfulness on 17th May.

We were so nourished by the evening talk and DoM in a Unitarian Church. A church where a previous minister in the 19th century, Mr Estlin-Carpenter edited and published the Pali text of the Satipatana Sutra! – Sr Tam Muoi

A current minister of the Unitarian Church, Andrew James Brown, wrote a blog piece sharing his thoughts following the visit of Plum Village Monastics, which you can read here.

The poem below, written by Joy Magezis, the organiser of the Cambridge events, reflects the energy and beauty of the time spent together with our monastic siblings:

Wonder of monastic energy
Brought here to Cambridge 
Sharing wisdom, songs, meditation 
for us to receive

So many found helpful 
Newcomers and old-timers
Struck by honest freshness 
of monastics’ way of being

Unitarian Church packed 
for Day of Mindfulness 
Sister shares Thay’s poem
and deep connection to him

I see Thay in her
Feel his presence, energy
As we follow his practices
Walking mindfully on Earth

Earth, focus of day
Healing ourselves, planet
through Interbeing concentration
So transformation can blossom

Blossom of Hawthorn
Sisters admire in my garden
Such pleasure in housing them
Reminiscent of Plum Village

Plum Village resonating
in true happiness being together
What I wanted for Cambridge
Hearts opening with love

Two beautiful days
Volunteers make it happen
Ending, holding hands united
In circles of Interbeing

by Joy Magezis (True Wonderful Commitment)

photos by Andrew James Brown