4 May 2021

By Kasia Stepien

Earth Day Resolutions

On 22nd April more than 70 of us gathered in an online space to celebrate Earth Day, remember our connectedness to the Earth, practice Earth Love Meditation and consider ways we can support her.

We asked our community to share one thing they are happy to be doing to take care of the Earth in the coming year. There was a range of heart-warming resolutions from waking ourselves up more to very practical actions like buying no more clothes. This post brings all the responses together, so we can support and inspire each other.

image of a lake with text saying: "A monk on the activists online Plum Village retreat earlier in the year said 'try to wake other people up and continue to wake yourself up', this has stayed with me and has become an inspiring mantra"
photo by: Timothy Meinberg

To increase mindfulness of the earth, walk/cycle/recycle; garden with organic kind products. Consume as mindfully and wholesome holistically as possible. Take time daily to be in nature, to appreciate, respect, have conversations with nature. Keep training. Deeply listen to the best of my capacity, to her lovingly.

I will not buy any clothes this year. The fashion industry omits 6% of the world’s carbon, more than air travel and transport combined

Only fly once a year

Spending more time with trees and supporting efforts to plant trees and preserve woodlands

A photo of two hands cupped, holding a handful of soil and a fern seedling. Text on top saying: "A litter pick as a sangha, combined with a mindful walk in a local park"
photo by: Noah Buscher

Hug and talk to trees, plant some more and support the Woodland Trust, Yorkshire Wildlife Trust Trees for Life. RSPB, National Trust, Friends of the Earth, and Client Earth

I will make a concerted effort to reduce the consumption of single use plastic in our family, thinking about food packaging etc – especially as covid measures start to lift and more foodstuffs become available without packaging again.

My little garden is going wild! Daisies, dandelions, clover, speedwell, cranesbill and all other native plants that support pollinators are welcome. No more rigid tidying, mowing, cutting back. Also there is a shallow dish of water for birds to drink from and bathe in.

I will organise some cleanup walks with our local Sangha, and also offer cleanup walks as part of my regular practice – carrying a rubbish picker and bin bag to collect in my own local area.

A photo of sunset through the grain stalks. Text: Now the lockdown measures are slowly being lifted where I live, I will not return to joining in overconsumption - I will consume only what I need, not what I am seduced to consume or culturally expected to consume.
photo by: Vlad Bagacian

I will leave our grass lawn longer, and increase the time between cuts (once a month at most), also leaving spaces entirely free from cutting to increase plant diversity and support pollinators.

To eat less meat and send gratitude to the Earth.

I’m going to continue not buying any new clothes, buying other things second hand where possible, consuming as little as possible and composting all I can.

Photo of two bluebells with the text on top: "I will be supporting community gardening and tree planting and care around my neighbourhood and the people who are helping with that. And also just looking at how I live and looking for simple ways to do things that take care of our beautiful Mother Earth."
photo by: Raphael Cabuis

Create a compost bin

Reducing plastic usage, being aware of water use and recycling water for plants etc.

Litter picking on my country walks

be a ‘little bit activist’ as well as making individual changes as the urgency and scale of change we need needs meaningful action from government, industry and the financial sector

A close-up on the moss in the forest. Text on top: "Take time daily to be in nature, to appreciate, respect, have conversations with nature. Keep training. Deeply listen to the best of my capacity, to her lovingly."
photo by: Michaela

Eat less meat, and eat in moderation, and being more mindful of what I eat and where it comes from.

I am happy to start taking care of the woods I walk daily by collecting the litter left by others who are yet to see that all life is one and that we take care of ourselves when we take care of the other.

To take care of mother earth, I am helping to create a food forest garden at my University so that we can learn how to consume mindfully and understand that to truly take care of ourselves also means to take care of our precious planet!

A photo of a butterfly flying into a purple flower. Text on top: "I will keep my small garden in a way that is a safe haven for insects, birds and any other wild creatures that venture in - it will be a place that will provide food sources and shelter free from harm"
photo by: Kandis Glasgow

I am already doing all I can but I will also try to take better care of myself to make sure my actions and words come from a place of love and peacefulness.

Be mindful of consumption, in particular what I eat in view of its production and the suffering to the earth and other species upon it, animal and our own species. A deep bow of gratitude for this mornings offerings dear Sangha

Beyond external differences, seeing all as beings needing love and suffering because of survival challenges. Not allowing hatred to overpower, allowing compassion to be alive even worst atrocities happen(selfless random acts of caring and kindness keeps the faith intact)

A close up photo of a tree bark covered in moss. Text on top: I will be happy if I can just read one of Thay's beautiful, moving letters to Mother Earth to 20 people and ask them to read it to 20 people and for them to request the same to those 20 people and so on - that way i feel in peaceful way the emergency of climate change together with enhancing our love for mother rather will emerge for the writings of Thay."
photo by: Nate Bell

I will do my best to protect the over exploited Swedish forest by consciously minimizing my use of paper.

Activism on educating people & myself

To appreciate the earth, sky, sun, and all beings daily, and drink in this joy to share and offer back to the earth and all who live/lived with her.

Reduce my carbon footprint

A closeup photo of white fruit blossoms. Text on top: "To remember the earth and our sacred connection every day"
photo by: Dzmitry Dudov

Less consumption 

I will work to keep my local rivers, streams and lakes clean and free from rubbish.

A closeup photo of two purple crocuses in the sunlight. Text on top: "My steps are mindful and kind to Mother Earth, even when my little dog wants me to hurry up!"
photo by: Aaron Burden