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Recommended books for those with a regular steady practice and an understanding of Plum Village mindfulness (as found in the books offered in the Begin and Practice sections, such as Being Peace, Touching Peace, Zen and the Art of Saving the Planet, Teachings on Love and similar) include:



Awakening of the Heart

Healing the inner child

Buddhist wisdom for cooling the flames

Essential Buddhist sutras and commentaries

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Meditate with Plum Village App

Download the Plum Village App

There are many deeper practices on the App. You might like to explore the following: 

Go to: guided meditations -> Thich Nhat Hanh and try the following

  • Practicing with the Five-year-old child in Me and My Parents (21 mins with teaching 30 mins)

Go to: guided meditations -> short meditations and try

  • Befriending our Inner Child by Brother Phap Lai (44 mins)
  • Reconnecting with Mother Earth Sister True Dedication (26 mins)


How do I love myself (13 mins)

Is there life after death (14 mins)

Concentrating and Liberating our Mind (13 mins)