12 Jul 2022

By Kasia Stepien

40 years of Plum Village Retreat

‘Now we have a path, we have nothing more to fear’ retreat took place between 3rd to 17th June 2022 in Plum Village Monastery in France to honour Thay and celebrate 40 years of Plum Village.

One of our UK Sangha members Joy Magezis shared with us a poem written about this special celebration day.

9 June 2022

Thay ploughed the suffering

and planted Plum Village seeds

Forty years ago today 

So touching to celebrate

Connect to scant beginnings

Such deep aspirations

Aspirations for western sangha

Now grown expidentially

Spreading Thay’s energy

Energy of compassion 

Nonviolent engagement

Mindfulness, concentration, insight

What a blessing to be here

to savour fruits grown vast

Continue Thay’s legacy

Joy Magezis (True Wonderful Commitment)

photos by: Joy Magezis