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White Awareness Sangha

VARIOUS SUN | 18:00 – 19:30 UK Time

An open and compassionate space for ‘white-bodied’ sangha practitioners to engage the practice of mindfulness to transform racism in ourselves and in the world.

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14 Jul 2024 - 14 Jul 2024


White Awareness Sangha meets from 6 pm to 7.30 pm

We invite sangha friends living in ‘white bodies’ to look deeply into the roots of racism, and learn to transform the legacies of oppression and injustice that marginalise ‘bodies of culture’ within our communities, within the UK, and globally. It will include time for sitting meditation, a reflective reading/talk, and a time for sharing.


Our white awareness sangha meets following the Call to Love in Action shared by ARISE Plum Village Sangha.

Dharma teacher Ruth King writes about the benefit of racial affinity groups here.

We have all been deeply hurt by the way our past and present society has categorised, separated, and limited us based on the illusion of  ‘race’. 

As we support one another to experience our own relationship to this and deepen our understanding through compassionate listening and loving speech, we begin to embrace and transform the ancestral suffering within us and around us, and take steps on the path to inclusive sanghas where all people can find a home.

Supported by the Sangha Body

My practice flows easier,

Allowing me to swiftly realize

My great determination to love and understand all beings.

How to attend

Register Via Zoom Here (N.B if you have already registered for the bimonthly sangha there is no need to again)

If you have any questions please contact: whiteawaresanghauk@gmail.com