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Together in Peace

DAILY EXCEPT SUN | 19:00 – 19:30 UK Time

A daily online meditation for us to join together to practice sitting together in peace, for ourselves, each other, and for all those suffering from the effects of war and and climate change.

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9 Jul 2024 - 9 Jul 2024


Inspired by a letter and meditation from Plum Village and EIAB elders to President Biden calling for non-violent means to end the conflict in the Middle East, members of the Order of Interbeing UK are offering 30min meditation sessions in a webinar format every evening from Monday to Saturday.

We will come together simply to practice a guided meditation based on that offered by Sister Chan Khong and Thay Phap An in order to generate the energy of compassion; for ourselves, each other, and all those suffering from the effects of war and climate change.

At this painful time in human history, practising peace and stability with others is an act of resistance that has power – the power to bring peace, compassion and stability to each of us as individuals and thus into the collective consciousness of the world. Thay has often reminded us that our intentions, our actions, and the results of those actions have most power when we join together.

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You can also join manually by visiting bit.ly/togetherinpeace.

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