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Mindful Morning: What is the point of Monks and Nuns?

We are so happy to be welcoming Brother Phap Linh for the first time to our online Dharma hall to offer a live talk on the health or otherwise of our relationship with the spiritual dimension.

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7 Jul 2024


Mindful Morning – Sunday 7 July | 10:00 – 12:00 BST

What is the point of monks and nuns? — do we need monastics in the 21st Century?

Every first Sunday of the month, Plum Village UK offers a Morning of Mindfulness led by UK Lay Dharma Teachers, Members of the Order of Interbeing, Monastic Dharma Teachers and special guests.

We are delighted to announce that Brother Phap Linh will be joining us to offer this live Dharma talk and offers us the following to consider:

Could it be that there is a uniquely British ambivalence towards the monastic tradition? In this talk we will take a deep look into our collective history; asking whether the dissolution of the monasteries is a collective wound, and if so, can it still be healed? Could it be that we have damaged our relationship with the spiritual dimension, and if so, how can we restore it?


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