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Mindful Morning: Innocence and Insight

Plum Village UK offers regular Mornings of Mindfulness led by UK Lay Dharma Teachers, Members of the Order of Interbeing, Monastic Dharma Teachers and special guests.

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5 Feb 2023 - 5 Feb 2023


Photo by Michael Surazhsky on Unsplash

On our Feb 5th Mindful Morning, when we welcome back Rev. Colin Hodgetts, the Christian church will still be celebrating the season of Epiphany.

Thay was once asked by Daniel Berrigan, ‘How do you look into the eyes of Jesus or the Buddha?

He replied: ” … The problem is not how, but who is doing the looking.  If you put in front of people one thing, and you have many people come and look at it, they see different things.’

What did the wise men see? What do I see? What might you see?

Thay went on, ‘The Chinese say, “When a sage is born, the water in the river and the plants and trees on the mountains nearby become clearer and more green.” It is their way of talking about the milieu that is born at the same time as a holy being.’

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